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‘It’s not that information doesn’t exist at all. Often the major problem is that information doesn’t exist in the language of the recipient. You can help to change that


Counting on over 9,000 volunteers from all over the world translating in a mind-boggling number of languages, since 2009, the Rosetta Foundation has been ‘working to eradicate the knowledge gap based on linguistic discrimination’ by aiding over 230 of its registered non-profitable organisations. I am proud to be part of their network of volunteer translators, and have written a blog article on why I donate my words.

For the past six months I have been working with Ways with Words based in Bristol, UK, on a continued project for one of their Italian clients. I have been responsible for the translation of over 25,000 words of text for an Italian deli company website including product descriptions and recipes.   

Sardinia, Italy





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MA Translation and Professional Language Skills

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Some of my most recent translation projects...

Intelligence Partner is a Spanish world leading cloud computing company with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo and London. They were ranked 100 by Talking Cloud in the list of the 100 best Cloud service companies in the world. Their mission is to provide their customers with consulting services, cloud solutions, developments, integration, administrative services and technical support, training and assistance in handling changes and implementing new cloud-based technology.


They contacted me in January 2016 and requested that I translate the User Manual for one of their pieces of software from Spanish into American English. Task4Work is a cloud-based application by Intelligence Partner for mobile workforce management. The software enables companies to manage their mobile workforce and the services they provide efficiently.

The manual was 30,000 words from Spanish to English, and I translated entirely live working with google documents. I then completed the translation of the Administrator Manual (28,000 words) in May 2016 followed shortly by two Analytics manuals totalling approximately 10,000 words. 


They have kindly given me permission to display some of the pages from the manuals as examples of my translation, and recently provided me with an excellent reference for my work to date.

Málaga, Spain


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Palau, Sardinia, Italy

I have been working with Absolute Translations based in London for the past two years, and am their go-to translator for any Spanish and Italian certificates which they need translated into English. Please see below a recent reference from Agnese Rovati, one of their Project Managers.

I have been working with SIRK traducciones based in Madrid for the past year, and successfully completed many Spanish-English projects for them including websites, press releases and newspaper articles.

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