When you request a translation, remember to attach the document to be translated, and I shall request that you kindly to respond to a few questions about the translation such as its purpose, target audience and specific stylistic concerns.


Your quote will be calculated on a total word count of the document. In general, the cost is a few pence per word, and a supplement is applied for urgent requests. Depending on the length of the document (n° of words) a deposit may be requested. Before starting a job, we will come to an agreement over the cost, and at this time also agree on a deadline.


 My preferred method of payment is by bank transfer, and this information will be supplied with an invoice.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quote or to discuss your project.


Pavia, Italy

Gondolas at sunrise, Venice, Italy



  • Marketing

  • Certificates

  • Advertising/public relations

  • Travel and tourism

  • Art and history

  • Journalism

  • Sport/physical activity/leisure activity

  • IT (Information Technology)

  • Media and literature

  • General correspondence

  • Fashion and beauty

  • Websites




  • Social networking (tweets, facebook posts, blog articles)

  • Websites

  • Certificates

  • Questionnaires and surveys

  • Newsletters

  • Brochures and leaflets

  • Newspaper articles and magazines

  • Emails/letters

  • Graphics and images








Translation is a specialised skill, and in order to become a translator, it is not enough to have completed a language course abroad or speak a foreign language. In reality, this profession requires someone with passion, curiosity and the ability to research new terminology. I believe it is fair to call it a vocation.

Like all skills, it is acquired over time, but it also requires an innate talent by someone who is passionate about languages. I have had specific training in translation which has lasted over six years, and in this sector which is ever more dominated by improvisation and Machine Translation, my qualifications hold their value. It is also imperative to take part in continuous training and maintain one's linguistic skills.


To translate well, it is important to be able to write perfectly in your mother tongue, and stay up to date with developments in the field of translation. To keep up to date, I run my own languages blog and am an avid reader in the field of translation news.


I am a reliable person, and aim to get back to you as soon as possible. I am a perfectionist, and with every translation I guarantee quality and precision. I would like to direct your attention to the above quote by the Hungarian linguist Sandor Hervey, author of 'Thinking Italian Translation'. I believe this quote is very important as in order to be a translator, it is not enough to just have the knowledge of two languages; one must have acquired a great sense of cultural awareness. During my studies I have been fortunate enough to have spent long periods of time abroad which allowed me to improve my language skills and get to know the countries intimately. 

All work, whether translation or editing, is checked by a fellow translator and English-language native and also by a native Spanish or Italian educated in English to degree level. This triple checking procedure ensures that I always produce culturally precise, top-quality translations.


With my experience and professionalism, I can offer you my services as a translator and take an active part in every stage of your project. I am a direct person, and keep my promises. I am always available and flexible, and I hope that we can begin a wonderful professional collaboration.

'Translating involves not just two languages, but a transfer from one whole culture to another'

(Hervey, S., et al, 2006: 24)



BA Spanish and Italian

MA Translation and Professional Language Skills

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Sestri Levante, Liguria, Italy

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